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From a Button to a Fountain Pen: The Incredible Evolution of Settimo Torinese

Who would have thought that a humble button and a sophisticated fountain pen could have anything in common? Their seemingly opposite forms conceal a fascinating connection, and it all began with a tiny button.
In the heart of the early 19th century, in Piedmont, the bone-turning industry was emerging from bovine farms. In Settimo Torinese, in particular, this industry came to life, producing buttons that traveled around the world.

from a button to a fountain pen
Settimo Torinese Una Città in Punta di Penna di Silvio Bertotto

Time passed, bringing new technical knowledge and the advent of innovative materials such as galalite and celluloid. However, it was towards the end of the 1920s that the residents of Settimo realized the immense potential of the fountain pen sector.
In 1978, the Universal Italian Lexicon bestowed upon Settimo the title of a city with a typical production of fountain and ballpoint pens. Many local families supplemented their modest incomes by assembling pens after dinner for various city factories. Even today, Maurizio Stura and many other residents of Settimo Torinese fondly recall how they used to assemble pens as children.
Modern fountain pens are primarily made with acrylic resins, while materials like galalite and celluloid have fallen out of use due to serious problems related to rodent attacks, flammability, and high production costs. That’s why we are constantly on the lookout for new materials to evoke ever-fresh emotions in fountain pen enthusiasts.
Our latest creation, the Terra Incognita pen, represents the fusion of modern resin with traditional Mediterranean olive wood. A union that embodies the history of Settimo Torinese, from a humble button to the sophistication of a fountain pen that is truly one of a kind.
Discover writing with this fountain pen Maurizio Stura called Uknown Land. It is hancradted by our artisans in oxidized sterling silver and blue water resin with olive wood. The pen body is reminiscent of our beautiful planet, Earth, and is sure to catch the eye of anyone who sees it. The wooden blocks on the pen body create a unique and striking resemblance to the continents and oceans of our world, making it an attractive and conversation-starting accessory.

The pen is creatively engraved with an antique captain’s compass and an ancient scroll that displays the pen’s serial number on the finger grip section. The anchor under the clip and the waves of the sea are depicted with islands, the Greek god Eolo is blowing the marine storm, adding a touch of myth and wonder to the design.

This exquisite pen is the perfect gift for anyone with a curious mind and a love of writing about new discoveries. With the Unknown Land fountain pen, you can explore uncharted territory and record your thoughts and ideas in style.

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