Tornado Tested Pen Testimonial

Tornado Tested Pen Testimonial

On April 2nd this year an F3 Tornado took everything we owned, including my fountain pen collection.

After 3 or 4 day of searching all the still unplanted fields behind what use to be our home I found the Silver Carved Rampant Lion F.P. Fountain Pen I bought from you about a year ago. It was a little dinged, but it cleaned up well and still writes like the quality pen it is.

The only other pens I found completely intact were my Xezo pens. Italian made, I think I see a trend.

Most of what we found (other manufacturers) were bits and pieces of pens, and useless.

I tell you this because I think you should know your Pens have been Tornado tested.

And today, someone on FPN someone asked about Grifos Pens and I added my Tornado story, glad to do it.

Thank you for making a great pen.

Denis Boss

October 31, 2006

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