Olive wood pen with gold finishing

Wood and Precious Metals in Our Handcrafted Pens

Dear Customer,

As enthusiasts of timeless craftsmanship, we embark on a journey that spans the ages, exploring the enduring union of wood and precious metals in our exquisite pen collections. Wood, a material entrenched in human history, has evolved from a utilitarian substance to a medium of artistic expression. Our pens, born from the hands of dedicated artisans, marry the richness of wood with the allure of sterling silver and other precius metals, resulting in unparalleled creations that embody both tradition and innovation.
1. Sterling Silver and Olive Wood Pen: Dive into the embrace of Mediterranean elegance with our world best-seller – the Sterling Silver and Olive Wood Pen. Crafted with meticulous attention, the silver 925 cap and grip section boast an enchanting geometrical guilloché pattern, a testament to precision and artistry. The solid olive wood barrel, famed for its intricate veins, ensures that each pen is a unique masterpiece. Infused with the essence of olives, the wood presents a smooth and pleasant touch, elevating the writing experience to one of sensory delight.
2. Ruthenium Plated Silver 925 and Bog Oak Pen: Unearth the mystique of antiquity with our Ruthenium Plated Silver 925 and Bog Oak Pen – a triumph of craftsmanship and history. The antracite finishing, a consequence of ruthenium plating, earns this pen the moniker “black gold.” The engraved surface, etched with a deep cisel pattern, resonates with the echoes of time. However, the true marvel lies in the barrel, hewn from ancient bog oak, a fossil wood over 5000 years old. Sourced without cutting trees, this rare material tells a tale of preservation, a journey through swamps and centuries. Writing with this pen becomes an experience akin to touching the ancient Egyptian pyramids.
3. Heather Briar Fountain Pen: Embark on a journey to the Calabria region with our Heather Briar Fountain Pen, crafted from beautiful Italian root wood. Seasoned over several years by our skilled artisans, this wood, renowned for its use in prestigious pipes, forms the foundation of a rare and special pen. The pen cap and writing section, made from solid 925 sterling silver, weave a narrative of Italian craftsmanship. A coveted gift for collectors and those enamored with Italy and its artisanal legacy.
Care and Maintenance: Preserving the natural beauty of our pens is a priority. We eschew lacquering in favor of a beeswax polish, allowing the wood to maintain its authentic allure. To ensure a long and gleaming “writing relationship,” a careful rub with beeswax is all your pen needs, a gesture of love and care for your pen.
In the art of writing, let our pens be your companions, bridging the past and the present with every stroke. Explore the intersection of tradition and modernity, where wood and precious metals converge to create pens that transcend functionality and become artifacts of your unique story.


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