Writing by hand with a pen

Writing by hand or typing by lap?

Writing by hand or typing by lap? Writing by hand is a complicated mental process that heavily relies on a combination of sensory and motor techniques; when a person writes by hand with, the brain plays a more active role in forming each letter, compared to passively pushing letters on a keyboard (Mangen & Velay, 2010). Handwriting involves a deeper cognitive process that leads to better comprehension, ideas, and memory
(Bui & McDaniel, 2015; Longcamp et al., 2008; Lotze, Erhard, Neumann,Eickhoff, & Langner, 2014).

After a long period of abstaining from handwriting, you may be surprised at how awkward and uncomfortable it can feel to perform such a basic physical movement like writing with a pen on paper.
This is because handwriting is a complex skill that requires the coordination of multiple muscles in the hand, wrist and arm. When we don’t use these muscles regularly, they can become weak and uncoordinated. It may lead to difficulty and discomfort when trying to write.

Also, we beleive handwriting contributes to well-being, a way of slow living: a fountain pen, one for life, in your hand and a flaw of your thoughts on the paper.

Enjoy writing!


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